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Hi!  I’m Kayla McIntosh, a Birth Doula and Yoga Instructor in Colorado, and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share my story with you!

Every Story Has a Beginning

My husband and I were married at 18 and, shortly after, became pregnant with our first son.  I never really understood how God could possibly love me when I was growing up and spent many years of my life believing that I was worthless, weak, and incapable.  Sadly, the birth of our first son solidified the “truth” behind these feelings.  After a long and intense induction, my first son was born via an emergency C-Section and I was left feeling ripped open and defeated.

I struggled with loving myself and was in pain, both physically and emotionally, until I started practicing yoga.  Yoga helped me to slow down and connect my body to my spirit.  I was finally still enough to hear the voice of God speak to me and I became infused with a love for life and a brand new love for myself. 

Two years later, I became pregnant with my second son but remained surrounded by an unsupportive team of “care” providers.  Lacking in an understanding of birth, and my own individual rights, I scheduled my second C-Section.

Life Giving Change

I became pregnant for the third time and did everything in my power to advocate for my body and my desires for birth.  I surrounded myself with a supportive team, continued to practice yoga, and hired a doula to attend my birth.  Jane emboldened my voice and helped me achieve the first of two VBA2Cs, forever changing my life. I now knew the truth, it was not my body that had failed it was the business of birth that had failed my body.

My journey, through yoga and birth, helped me to find myself and, most importantly, the Creator of my body and soul.

Ultimately, yoga isn’t about how you look on the outside or even how many advanced poses you can do, it’s about connecting your body to your spirit, gaining a deep awareness of who you truly are, and enjoying the body that God specifically designed for you.  Likewise, birth isn’t about whether or not your body is capable of bringing your child into the world.  It’s about equipping yourself with the knowledge, and people, you need to encourage and support you as you bring your child into the world.

As your Birth Doula and Yoga Instructor, I want to help you find strength within your body, bring stillness to your mind, and ignite a flame of resilience within your spirit.

~ Kayla

Whether in birth or through yoga, it would be an absolute honor to be able to support and serve you as you travel along on your journey.


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