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Birth Doula Contract


Birth Doula Fees and Payments:


For my birth support and doula services, you agree to pay a total fee of $1500.00.

Should you decide that you would like to hire me to be your birth doula, a non-refundable fee of 50% is required to hold your due date in my calendar.

Once I have received the initial fee, and this contract is signed, I am officially “on call” for the duration of your pregnancy and labor.  This means that I will be available to you for phone, text, or email conversations.  I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have, as well as, keep me updated on your prenatal visits with your midwife or physician. The more information I have, the better prepared I can be for your upcoming birth.  I promise to respond to you as soon as possible, which normally means within a few minutes, but I will definitely respond within 24 hours.

Once you have reached 36 weeks I will consider myself on “high alert” for all notifications from you until you have successfully delivered your new baby(ies).  You are required to pay the remaining balance of my total fee on or before 36 weeks gestation when this “high alert” stage begins.

Scope of Practice and Prenatal Agreements:


Scope of Practice Statement:

It is not within my scope to give medical advice. I only present the evidence-based facts and facilitate discussion so that you can advocate and make medical decisions for yourself.  I do not drive clients or their baby(ies) in my car UNLESS it is an emergency.  I do not and am not qualified to perform any medical procedures including but not limited to, cervical checks, blood pressure checks, fetal heart rate monitoring, delivering/catching the baby, etc.  I am NOT and do NOT replace a Health Care Provider such as a Midwife or OB.  I do not under any circumstances attend “free (unassisted)” births.  I adhere carefully to the parameters of my scope for the safety and security of myself, you, your partner, and your baby(ies).

As your doula, I am independently employed and hired by you and your partner, I do not work for the care provider in attendance or the hospital.  My goal is to provide you with all of the physical, emotional, and informational support that you need to have a satisfying birth, as you define it. I will also encourage communication between you, your partner, and the staff to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions throughout labor and delivery.

Prenatal education and support details:

It is very important that we meet before labor to explore and discuss your priorities and desires for birth.  These prenatal visits will be 1 to 2 hours long (or less depending on your preference).  On top of getting to know you and your partner (should you have one) better, they can consist of (but are not limited to) any of the following in any order you choose:

  • Discussing your ideal birth experience.
  • Discussing and working through any fears or anxieties (you or your partners).
  • Discussing and practicing comfort techniques.
  • Running through the stages and phases of labor.
  • Creating a birth and/or postpartum plan.

As mentioned earlier, I will be giving you my personal contact information for 24/7 informational and emotional support from the moment that you hire me.  I encourage you to call, text, or email me at any time with any questions or concerns, or simply for some encouragement.

Labor and Postpartum Support Agreements:


When you believe your labor has begun, you are expected to contact me as soon as possible, this way I can be prepared to support you.  I will stay in constant contact with you from this point forward, checking in every hour or two via phone or text,  However, it is up to you to decide when, during your labor, you would like me to physically join you, whether that is at your home or at your predetermined place of birth. Once you have decided that you are ready for in-person support, I will be there with you within 2 hours (normally sooner depending on distance) barring any unforeseen circumstances outside of my control.Labor and Birth Support Includes:

  • Massage/Counter Pressure.
  • Acupressure
  • Assisting with a TENS machine.
  • Birthing ball positions.
  • Suggesting and assisting with position changes.
  • Creating a calming environment (lights, curtains, etc).
  • Water therapy (bath, shower, etc).
  • Hydrating and feeding birther and partner.
  • Hands-on infant feeding support.
  • Anything else you feel will help you have the positive birth experience you desire.

It is important to note that my job as your Doula is NOT to speak for you or your partner (should you have one) in the birth space but to give you the information, validation, and support you need to effectively advocate for yourself whether you are having a home or hospital birth.  I will provide 60 minutes (up to 2 hours) of immediate postpartum assistance after the birth.

Postpartum/Follow-up visits:

These visits will be made and arranged at your convenience roughly 7 to 14 days after birth.

During this visit I can (but am not limited to):

  • Check on breastfeeding progress (should you choose to breastfeed).
  • Discuss questions or concerns.
  • Help you debrief after the birth.

* It is important to note that as a Doula it is not within my scope to provide childcare while a parent is not in the home, to do any heavy cleaning or organizing, or to give any medical advice with regards to your postpartum healing.

Refund and Backup Policies:


Fees are final and deposits are non-refundable.  I do not offer refunds unless I fail to provide services due to my own error and/or negligence.  In the event that I am unable to attend your birth due to suspected or confirmed illness*, injury, family emergency, or other circumstances outside of my control or foresight, you will have the choice between having your pre-determined backup Doula ** attend your birth or postpartum support hours will be offered.  Alternatively, a refund of up to 25% of your fee (not including the non-refundable deposit) can be negotiated at my discretion. 

* Including but not limited to the COVID-19 Virus. 

** This same backup Doula may be contacted to attend your birth should in-person labor support exceed 24 hours. 

As your Doula, it is my job to ensure that you are supported emotionally, physically, and informationally no matter what type of birth you are planning.  Regardless of the outcome of your birth, I commit to support you in every way I am qualified and capable of as per our agreement.  It is important to note, however, that I am NOT in control of or responsible for outcomes. Therefore, should your planned vaginal birth or vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC) result in a cesarean, there will be no refund.

As your Doula, I will not tolerate any emotional, physical, or verbal abuse.  If an abusive or unsafe situation arises, I reserve the right to leave and discontinue my services, as well as retain any and all fees paid up to that point.  Furthermore, should you have any issues with the services I have provided, you agree to not slander my name or business in any public forum and will reach out to me directly to address your concerns.

Client Confidentiality Agreement:


Upon signing this contract, I agree to give, Kayla McIntosh of Whole Spirit Riverdale, permission to take notes about me, including personal information I choose to disclose to my Doula, and information regarding my labor, birth and postpartum experiences, as well as any information regarding my child or children.  I understand that this information may be used for the purpose of doula certification or recertification and will be shared with the applicable certifying institution or organization.  I likewise agree to have this information shared with any Doula that may be providing backup support, should the need arise.

I understand Whole Spirit Riverdale operates as a business providing the same or similar services to other clients and that, by sharing my information with future clients, this will allow others to better understand Whole Spirit Riverdale, the services they have to offer, and their previous clients’ experiences. I also understand that at all times Whole Spirit Riverdale will only disclose the information which I have specifically allowed them to disclose.

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