Group Yoga Classes

Group Yoga, offered by Whole Spirit Riverdale, includes a variety of yoga classes that are certain to give you an experience you won’t soon forget.  Classes are held outdoors and booked only when requested.  So, if you’re interested in booking a group yoga class, contact us to set up a date!

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Group Yoga with Reindeer

Group Yoga classes with Riverdale Reindeer are designed to give you the most unique yoga experience in Colorado.  Your group will learn the practice of the Yoga Trapeze and experience the magic of our hand raised reindeer. 

Candlelight Group Yoga

Candlelight Group Yoga classes are specifically designed to be gentle a breathe focused.  This class is practiced outdoors at sunset, surrounded by candles and the acoustics of nature, as the day moves into night.

We use battery operated candles for this class so there is no need to worry about fires or burns. *

Group Yoga with Goats

Group Yoga classes with our goats are designed specifically with your group in mind.  Whether you’re looking for a fitness style class or a gentle yoga practice we have a practice just for you!  Our goats are hand raised by our family and absolutely adore people.  They love sitting with our students, eating from their hands, or even nibbling on their hair!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to have yoga experience to attend?

Absolutely not! All of our group yoga classes are designed to be accessible to any person no matter their previous yoga experience or capabilities.  Of course, you’re always welcome to start with some private yoga classes to get acquainted with your new favorite hobby!

Is there an age limitation?

In truth, any age is welcome to come to these group yoga classes but we require that all young children stay with an adult at all times. I have found that most young children do not have the attention span for candlelight classes, however if you believe your child will participate in class and stay near you, you are more than welcome to bring them! All four of my children 7, 9 , 11 and 13 have participated in both goat yoga and candlelight classes.

Will I get pooped or peed on?

These are live animals who poop and pee as they need, so I cannot guarantee that you won’t end up being pooped or peed on during your group yoga class. That being said, we keep our environment as clean as we can and have wipes, brooms, and cleaner outside during your group yoga class.

Do your animals have horns/antlers?

Yes they do, we do not de-horn any of our goats but always practice with our females who are far less likely to buck or prod students. Our reindeer will also be in their active stage of growing antler (velvet) meaning that it would hurt them to have you touch their antlers, therefore they won’t be touching you with them.  With that, there is an absolute no touching antlers policy for all students attending a reindeer group yoga class.

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