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My Story

I became pregnant with my first son shortly after my husband and I were married.  I had spent many years feeling like my body was failing me, or more accurately that I was failing it, and my first birth solidified these feelings.  After a long and incredibly intense induction, my first son was born via an emergency C-Section, and I began to wonder, is there more to birth, more to life?  Shortly after, I discovered yoga and a spark was ignited within me.

Before yoga,  I struggled with loving myself and was in pain both physically and emotionally.  I started practicing yoga at home, eventually taking private lessons, and growing in my practice.  I enjoyed learning how each pose, breath, and movement could affect your whole being.  My practice truly infused me with a love for life and a brand new love for myself.  However, I was still lacking in my understanding of birth when I became pregnant with my second son. Surrounded by unsupportive doctors, I scheduled my second C-Section and this lit a fire within me. When I became pregnant again, I immediately hired a doula to attend my birth and was emboldened by her unwavering support.  With her I achieved my first VBAC, going on to have a second, and I will be forever grateful. I came to understand that it was never my body that failed me but was the business of birth that had truly failed me.  My experiences solidified the call in my heart to support other women in the same way Jane had supported me. 

Since finding yoga, and my experiences with birth, I have found a much greater appreciation for my body and it’s capabilities.  I know that I am beautiful, that I am strong, and that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.  For me, yoga isn’t about how you look on the outside or even how many advanced poses you can do, it’s about connecting your body to your mind, gaining a deep awareness of who you truly are, and enjoying the body that was specifically designed for you.  Birth isn’t about IF your body is capable of bringing your child into the world, it’s about surrounding yourself with people who will encourage and support you as you bring your child into the world.

It would be my honor to come alongside you on your personal journey and help you find strength within your body, bring stillness to your mind, and ignite a flame of peace within your spirit.

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