Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga, offered by Whole Spirit Riverdale, is taught in a wide variety of styles.  Each class is individualized to target your specific needs whether you’re looking to increase your flexibility, improve your strength, or simply to find a better connection between your body and your soul.  We’d love to design the perfect class for you!

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Private Yoga Trapeze

The Yoga Trapeze is a natural form of inversion therapy that includes a full body workout that can reduce chronic low back pain, help you build strength, lengthen your spine, and all the while increase your range of motion.  Through a series of yoga postures and breathwork, my students will not only find connection with their body and mind, but with their soul as well.

* Each private yoga student is required to purchase their own Trapeze rig. 

Private Yoga Mat Class

Vinyasa Yoga

A yoga practice designed to bring your body into rhythm with your breath.  Postures and sequenes are practiced in unison with the breath, building heat in your body, raising your heart rate, and training your nervous system.  This is a wonderful practice that will help increase your overall health.

Gravity Yoga

A targeted mobility training method designed to increase your flexbility specificially.  This practice is meant to target “stuck” areas of your body most notably your tight hamstrings, locked hips, and stiff back.  It is a perfect supplemental practice that will help to increase your overall range of motion.

Private Prenatal Yoga

A heart-centered practice specifically designed to help expectant mothers find mindfulness, flexibility, and strength in postures and movements that are safe for both them and their growing baby. It is a gentle practice that will help to nurture the growth of healthy babies while caring for the bodies of expecting mothers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is yoga difficult?

All forms of yoga have their inherent difficulties.  However, as a private yoga student you will be able to cultivate and design a class with me that works well for your body in all aspects.  So, while I cannot promise that your practice will be easy, I can promise that we can make adjustments all along the way that fit your needs and goals!

Is yoga safe?

While any new activity has some form of risk, I can assure you that yoga, especially private yoga, which is specifically designed for you, is very safe. However, if you’ve recently had any kind of major surgery or injury, you should definitely consult with your doctor before coming to your first private yoga class.

Can my friends join my private yoga class?

I am always excited to have you bring a friend with you to class, but want to limit it to one other person so that you’re still getting an individualized practice. However, I am happy to host a group class with you and your friends anytime. You can check out those group classes here!

I have a health condition, can I join a yoga class?

You should always consult a doctor before you start a new fitness plan. As I am a yoga instructor and not a physician I cannot tell you whether or not a private yoga practice is safe for your specific condition. However, I will happily work in conjunction with your physician to design a class that works well for you and your doctor.

I am pregnant, can I join a yoga class?

It is always best to consult your medical care provider before engaging in any activity you have not done before.  However, as a certified Prenatal Yoga teacher I can guide you through a number of postures and breathing techniques that are safe for both you and your growing baby during your private yoga classes.

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